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Rana Lashgari, Esq.


Having worked at the municipal, county and federal levels, Rana has accumulated a network that spans Arizona at every level of government. Her depth of knowledge and reputation make her a go-to consultant for politicians, campaigns, community groups and businesses looking to succeed at the local level.

Advocating for people and organizations is a long-time passion. Rana’s unique background as an attorney, former prosecutor and political staffer gives her a competitive edge over a traditional lobbyist. She draws from her wide range of experiences to master the intricacies of her clients’ cases. 

Rana believes that effective lobbying means more than connections and arranging meetings. It’s about engaging and partnering with clients to build their cases from the ground up, until they reach their goals.

She  also believes anyone can benefit from having an advocate to help them navigate city hall. Whether working with a neighborhood group in Phoenix to make changes to a local park or an NBA team to enhance its arena, Rana’s kind of lobbying knows no boundaries. Her fresh approach breaks down barriers in an industry traditionally shrouded by the old school notion that lobbying is only for large corporations with deep pockets.

Rana has  developed a vast network of government relationships built upon years of high-level positions at both the local and federal levels.  She has the resources and insights to help clients tailor their approaches -- whether their goal is to access resources, develop and execute new policies, secure procurement opportunities or understand the nuances of an issue in the current political climate.